In Conversation with Aussie100 topper, pokerchess


Deepak Botta, who goes by the name ‘pokerchess’ has been making waves in the poker industry for quite some time now. He cracked the #LFGVegas contest in July and now has topped the Aussie100 leaderboard on 9stacks.

We interviewed him and spoke to him about his poker journey.

Team 9stacks: Hi Deepak, firstly congratulations on topping the Aussie100 Leaderboard and making 150k points. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how you got into playing poker?

Deepak:  Thank you for all the warm wishes. So people who don't know about me much.

My poker journey started when I was in college, IIM Lucknow, and that’s where I got to know about real money gaming in India. I started playing on Poker Zynga in October last year and got to know about 9stacks during vegas promotion. I started with Freeroll Tournaments, then moved on to play the bigger tournaments, but I fell in love with the 9stacks platform during the #LFGVegas promotion. After that, I have been grinding regularly on the tables and I enjoy playing the tournaments.

I particularly like the Skill Dashboard. I think it has really helped me understand the leaks in my game and has helped me evolve as a serious player.  I prefer the Pot-limit Omaha gameplay and I'm quite good at playing that variant.

Team 9stacks : Tell us about your Aussie100 journey.  Did you have a roadmap in place? What was the best part about the journey?  What was your overall strategy during the 3month long grind?

Deepak: It has been a phenomenal journey for me during the Aussie100. My overall strategy was to keep grinding , no matter what. At first, reaching 150K points looked quite tough , but then 9stacks came up with the  Boosters and other tournaments and I was on a roll! Those boosters really motivated me to keep on grinding regularly and achieve the points. 9stacks has made the grind quite achievable. Quite do-able.

Team 9stacks : How was your overall experience playing on

Deepak : I have had a lot of fun playing on 9stacks. I like how 9stacks is feedback driven and I absolutely love participating in the contests. What sets 9stacks apart from the others is the fact that this platform actually has the most do-able contests.

Team 9stacks : Did you have any ups and downs over the years? Can you reflect on some of the most important lessons you've learned through this journey?

Deepak: Yes, of course. That is part of the game.

In mind sports like poker, motivation levels have to be maintained at all times. There will be ups and downs on a daily basis, you have to be very much determined to the game and this persistence will surely help you achieve the milestones. I would like to say only that just keep analysing your games and your hands.

Team 9stacks : Do you play any other sport, apart from poker?

Deepak:  I love playing chess as well.

Team 9stacks : Do you feel poker has the potential to make it as a sport in India?

Deepak: I believe there is not much difference between chess and poker. As Viswanathan Anand says ‘‘Poker is nothing but playing chess with cards’’. Poker has immense potential as a mind sport and it’s already on its way to becoming as popular as chess in India.

Team 9stacks: What is the dream for "pokerchess" going forward? How would you like for your career to evolve?

Deepak : I’m very keenly waiting for the #LFGVegas 2019 to begin.  I enjoyed participating last time. This time I want to crack the highest milestones set.

Team 9stacks : Thanks, Deepak. It was great talking to you! We wish you all the best for the upcoming tournaments and contests on 9stacks.