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 Attention Poker Lovers, #LFGVegas is BACK!

The biggest Vegas challenge is BACK and this time, we’re taking 200 qualifiers with us to the poker mecca of the world, during the 50th Anniversary of the World Series of Poker, 2019.

Oh yes! We have made this year’s grind more fun and rewarding at every step.   Peppered with easy to achieve goals along the way, reaching 50K points to win a trip to Vegas is going to be an awesome experience.

Grind on the ‘LFG’ tagged tables, hit milestone levels and  win crazy prizes. At 50K points you are eligible for the 2 lakhs Grinder package which includes travel and stay at Las Vegas.

Grind some more to reach 150K points and win the Crusher package that gives you the Vegas trip + 4.5 Lakhs BR in your poker balance.

Players who reach 300K points win the Baller hamper and get Rs 12.5 lakhs worth BR in their poker balance along with their trip.

G.O.A.Ts - The ones who hit 500K points before 31st of May 2019, win it all- the trip and a whopping amount of Rs 25 Lakhs worth of BR in poker balance. <Mr Bean Video>

This is not al! At every 25K points post the Grinder level, you get an additional cash rewards! Click here to check out our crazy rewards.

You know #LFGVegas is all about you, and so we have a lot of Boosters and Stake Multipliers available at every step to help you earn those points quicker!

For all those looking to make some extra bankroll, we suggest that you take part in the January #BRbuilders. Earn 25K points before 31st January 2019 and win Rs 1 Lakh in your poker balance. What’s more is  that if you make 50K points by 31st January, you not only redeem the Grinder package (travel and stay in Vegas) , but also an extra bankroll amount of 3 Lakhs in your poker balance!

As a testament to how easy this grind actually is, one of the 200+ challengers , @Jon$now just made 25K  points within 5 days of the launch of the contest and has pocketed Rs 1 Lakh in his poker balance!

We are only counting the number of days it will take for him to hit the 50K milestone.

We are only counting the number of days it will take for him to hit the 50K milestone.

Last year, when we launched #LFGVegas, we knew we’d be taking the largest contingent of poker players from India to the poker mecca, Las Vegas, during the World Series of Poker 2018.  42 qualifiers won a trip to Vegas and 12 of them won the $10,000 Main Event ticket. 25 out of the 42 winners flew with us as a part of #9stacksTeamIndia. the team made/Created history with Nishant Sharma  becoming the first ever Indian poker player to reach rank 34 at the Main Event.

Vivek Rughani entered the top 100  and announced the poker boom in India  on LIVE television.

Mayank Jaggi, Sanjay Taneja and Rishabh Jain stormed into the final tables of various  tournaments , announcing India’s growing dominance on the world poker map.

This year, we’re hoping to make it BIGGER, CRAZIER and clearly stamp India’s mark on the tables at the casinos in Vegas!

Participate now and make your Vegas dreams come true.

See you at the tables!


Team 9stacks

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