No room for profanity on 9stacks


9stacks blocks users for using abusive language while chatting with others on the table.

Table talk is something every  poker player is familiar with. Poker is a social game and is made to be fun, and that includes talking to each other at the table. (We have a great chat feature that you can use to banter with your friends and foes alike, and we hope you use it a lot!)

Playing mind games and unnerving the other player is a skill that very few people master. If used effectively, it can really work in your favour. However, there are rules that you need to follow. People come to the poker table  to have fun, and we at 9stacks want to keep it that way.

9stacks has always been a place where players of all skill levels and backgrounds come together to bond and play their favorite game, in an environment that is safe and friendly.  There is no place for players who use cheap tactics and abusive language towards other players to score a point.

Recently, we came across a smart aleck, let’s call him Mr. Filthy Mouth,who thought using sleazy and abusive language would work to unnerve a feisty young lady who was having a good run at the table. Instead of backing down, she dropped us a mail at letting us know the table and time. Our fraud detection cell swung into action, identified the table and whipped out the entire chat history. (All chat messages are securely archived on our system - so if there’s something you would be embarrassed to say in public, please don’t say it on our chat either!) We immediately sent him a notice, suspended his chat privileges for a week, and warned him that if he repeats this again his account will be blocked permanently. And we do mean it.

As a company, we’ve taken a call that we’re happy to let some customers go (be it pros, regs, high rollers or newbies) if they interfere with our mission of providing good clean fun.

We want to be a platform that values and strives to ensure that EACH and EVERY player, irrespective of their gender, religion, or sexual orientation, feels welcome and safe while they play on our platform.

9stacks is a PROFANITY-FREE platform and we intend to keep it that way.

If you are undergoing a similar issue , please report the incident to us by writing to

See you at the table!

Team 9stacks