Maidumji's Poker Chronicles- Part 6

Maidumji’s Poker Chronicles part 6 2.png

Poker is increasingly becoming the activity I spend most of my waking hours learning. It is not only a lot of fun, but also a great sport to engage in for it teaches you so much about life! While I mused earlier about how poker is similar to life, here are a few life lessons to be learnt from this fascinating sport!
-       One’s true character is visible only when one loses. The art of losing gracefully is not easy, and yet it is something one should strive to learn everyday.
-       Decisions based on emotions can cost you. So someone gets under your skin, either by speech play or by their way of playing, if you let that cloud your judgment, you are losing already!
-       The key to success is seeing the world from another’s point of view. For years I played poker just on my cards, and it is only now when I am trying to get better at the game that I have started to see things from the opponent’s perspective. What bigger life learning could be there?
-       Money should never the end goal but rather the result of doing your job well. It has taken me years to realize this but I am glad this lesson came my way playing poker. Sure, the thrill of making money is also a motivation, but the satisfaction of having played well is the real deal. And in life too, it is better to look at money in a similar way. Focus on doing your job well, the money will follow.
-       Everyone thinks they know what they are doing but few actually do! And once you realize this fact, life sure becomes a lot sweeter to deal with!
-       Knowing the right decision and making it (particularly under pressure) are two very different things. And this is what life is all about I think.
-       The best players don’t always win. And that is just how it is.
-       The weak blame luck, the strong make their own!
-       In the short run, luck can help, but in the long term, mastering the skill is imperative to success. Sure we are all winging it from time to time, but if you want to go the distance, you have to strive to constantly get better at your game. The only competition should be with oneself.
-       It is wise to learn from your mistakes but there is no point dwelling in the past. The hand gone is truly gone and over, the sooner you move on, the better it is. Let’s focus on the one coming up, shall we?
-       And last but not the least, sometimes the most is won in unexpected places. So make your bets and take your chances, you never know what happens next! And whatever happens, don’t stop having fun.
See you at the tables!