Aussie Bytes: In conversation with , NoobPro- Bhavye Mittal


At 9stacks, we love encouraging poker enthusiasts and we want all of you to follow the Aussie Bytes because, we’re going to interview the qualifiers and understand how they see the game and how they prepare for it.

Today, let’s go behind the scenes and catch up with Noob Pro, the young and rising poker champ who just won a trip to Australia.

All of 22 years old, Bhavye Mittal, who goes by the name , Noob Pro nabbed pretty sweet deal by participating in the Aussie100#1 tournament hosted by 9stacks on the 21st of October 2018.

He is one of the top 15 who battled amateurs and pros alike, who participated in the tournament and landed himself with a cool Aussie package worth 2 lakhs.

A few excerpts from our interview with the rising star.

9stacks : When did you start playing poker? what interests you in the game?
Bhavye: Started playing poker quite a few years back. I’ve always enjoyed putting people under pressure.

9stacks : Will you consider yourself a casual player or a pro? Why?
Bhavye : I am a Casual player because I have not studied the game enough and I don’t put many hours in the game as I should be.

9stacks :What is your opinion on Poker being considered gambling?
Bhavye: People who consider it s gambling dont really understand the game, IMHO. It is a skill based game. Some bit of Luck is involved but only for a short while. In the long run its skill that takes you ahead and helps you earn accolades and the money. Period.

9stacks: What format do you prefer playing- Tournaments/cash
Bhavye: Tournaments. Because people fold in tourneys and not in cash

9stacks: Do you prefer annon tables? Do you think your game changes when playing on Anonymous table?
Bhavye: No don’t play annon. If I play annon, my game changes because I start gambling.

9stacks: Whose game do you follow mostly? Indian/global player. Anyone from 9stacks whose game you admire?
Bhavye: Doug Polk. More than his hands, I observe his overall strategy.
From 9stacks I like F1sh- he is hyper-loose aggressive

9stacks: Who is your favourite poker player? Are there any favourite poker lines that you live by?
Bhavye: Yes, infact i greatly admire Isildur1- Viktor Blom. I follow his game religiously.
My favorite poker line would be “You can’t win if you fold”

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