5 poker movies to binge watch this weekend

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Happy New Year!

As a poker player of course most of my time goes in just grinding on the tables. However, there are days when i just want to stay away from the green felt and relax. That’s when i watch movies. Ofocurse, my movie collection also consists of films based around the game . :p

There are few that are my all time favorites and every time I watch them, I seem to learn something new.

Check out my list and tell me if there is a movie on poker that has blown your mind away.

the sting.jpg

1. The Sting:  

This is a must watch not only for poker players but just everyone in general. This is about two grifters (con artists) who cons $11,000 (around $189,000 today) from a victim. The victim turns out to be a footman for a crime boss (this is the Great Depression of the 1930’s after all) and what ensues is a great story about revenge and intrigue. There is a high stakes poker game here which you should not miss.

What I learnt :This movie teaches you more about life than poker. But one common lesson is that you can never win big without big risks. Knowing your opponent is winning half the battle. On the table table observe and learn are the two most important things to do.

2. Ocean's Eleven:   

oceans eleven.jpg

With a cast that has stars that put even the evening sky to shame, Ocean’s Eleven is a well-loved film about a bank heist. Danny Ocean and his eleven accomplices plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously. This is an underwhelming review of an overwhelming film, so please do yourself the favour of watching this, or rewatching this, a great masterpiece. There is a great poker game sequence too and the ending is just a treat to the eyes.

What I learnt : As every good heist is about a good distraction So is every poker hand. You can get the most money out of a pot if your opponent is never sure what you are playing with. I actually got a good amount of success by representing a straight draw while holding double pairs.

3. Rounders  


The Texas Hold’em shown here is really great and just the poker games in general, you might just pause the game to take down notes (I did a couple of times).This is hailed the greatest poker movie ever.

What I learnt: This movie teaches you the ART of bluffing . Only after watching this movie did i realise that Check can be used as a tool in bluff. Also that There is legitimate money to be made at poker – if you stay disciplined.

4.Rain man :  

Everybody should have watched this at least once in their life. For those who want a more touching and heartfelt movie, this one is for you. Their journey is a great story to watch, and the card counting done here is really good (and of course anybody can do this, not only Savants like Raymond. Card Counting is not illegal, but casinos do ban counters though so play it safe).

What I learnt: This movie shows the impact your obsession with poker can have on your close ones. Play responsibly, guys.

5. 21            


Okay so this one is not really a poker movie as much but "21" is the fact-based story about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. Featuring Jim Sturgess and Kevin spacey this movie is a great watch.

What I learnt :  This movie is about counting cards in blackjack. What I learnt from it about poker was that even geniuses can make mistakes. The lows and highs are all part of the game. What seperates a great player from a decent one is his fortitude in face of adversity.

Happy Binging

- @happyknight