Now, Run It Twice , on 9stacks!


The Run-It-Twice Tables are here on 9stacks!

Running it twice is like doubling the number of times the situation occurs. The higher the  number of trials, the more the likelihood of your actual win rate being close to your expected win rate.

To ace a skill based game like poker,  Run It Twice is a great way to reduce variance and determine your skill. As they say, skill in poker is realized in the long run and by RIT we are bringing you closer to the “long run”.
Look for RIT tagged tables in our Lobby and take a seat.

How it works:


-Whenever one or more players go  all-in in a hand on a table tagged “RIT”
-No more betting action is possible
-There are more cards to be dealt


-All the cards dealt so far will be a part of the outcome.
-The rest of the hand (remaining community cards) will be dealt
-The above step will be repeated one more time
-Chips in the pot will be distributed based on each run
Why do we have automatic RIT on these tables?

We found that running the RIT functionality on non- RIT labeled tables and based on the mutual agreement of players (By selecting a checkbox) is very confusing to amateurs and pros alike.

So, we decided to launch RIT tagged tables where you know what you are signing up for.
Why don’t we divide the total pot into two sub-pots? Do we charge rake multiple times?

RIT as a function distributes chips based on each run and the pot is divided accordingly.
We charge rake as a whole for the pot with the same rake cap conditions. We do not charge rake multiple times.
Bottomline : RIT gives players like you a significant edge becasue now you can chase promotions without those dreaded bankroll swings!

Log in and discover RIT and even more fun playing on 9stacks!


Team 9stacks

The Stage Is Set for the Biggest Battle for the WSOP Main Event Ticket!

Hey guys,


The biggest battle of the season is here!

This #LFGVegas2.00 season we’re giving you a chance to participate in the WSOP Main Event 2019 and the entry ticket is on us!

Can’t believe what you just read?

This March, grind for #LFGVegas2.00 , make only 20,000 points on the Vegas board by 31st March to be eligible to play the Shortcut to Main Event -LFGME Tournament, hosted by 9stacks on the 1st of April 2019.

The winner of the tournament gets Rs 10,00,000 in PB to participate in the biggest most anticipated poker tournament of the year- the WSOP Maint Event 2019.

Ranks 2 - 9 get 20,000 each in their poker balance.

Did you think we’d stop here?


For every additional 10,000 points you make this month , post the minimum 20,000 points, you get another ticket to re-enter the Shortcut to Main Event-LFGME tournament on the 1st!

Remember, this tournament can be entered only if you have won the entry tickets through this month’s grind. There are no direct buy-ins.

Check out the deets, here.



Team 9stacks

9stacks introduces 10BB tables for #LFGVegas2.00!

Hey Folks!


Winning a trip to Vegas has never gotten so easy!

At 9stacks we design all our promotions around YOU and are always working on ideas that get YOU super high value rewards. Check out the deets here.

This time, we’re introducing 10BB tables for all you Vegas dreamers.

Now you can play on 10/20 Omaha and 25/50 Texas tables too and earn points to win a trip to Las Vegas

What’s it all about?

We’ve introduced 10BB tables with buy-ins as low as Rs 200 for 10/20 PLO and Rs 500 buy-ins for 25/50 Texas. That literally means all you cash grinders are going to have a blast grinding for Vegas!

Want to enhance your bankroll to grind more and unlock the Vegas Grinder and Crusher levels? Start grinding for Dribbler and accumulate points on the leader board and win cash prizes worth upto Rs 4 Lakhs. The cherry on the top is, however, that the points you accumulate on this board also enhance your Vegas board score. So you have more chances to crush the Grinder package FASTER!

Start Playing Now!


Team 9stacks

Introducing 10 BB tables

- Play on 10BB tagged tables on 10/20 Omaha, buy in Rs 200
- Play on 10BB tagged tables on 25/50 Texas, buy in Rs 500

Moreover, enhance your bank roll on these stakes with the weekly Dribbler leader board

Details here


Team 9stacks

Gear up to win a trip to Vegas, in just Rs 9!


After a phenomenal season earlier this February with Vegas in Rs.2, 9stacks is back with a crazier, more exciting version of it: Vegas in Rs.9

This time there are just 2 levels to cross. All you have to do is play daily tournaments with buy-ins of Rs.9 and win entry ticket(s) to the "Take Off 2 Vegas" to win your dream to the Sin City, Las Vegas!

Read more about the promotion here.

There will be 14 power packed Level 1 tournaments line up for you every day between 10th March- 25th March. So you have multiple chances every day to win a ticket to the Take Off 2 Vegas tournament happening on 31st March 2019. Winner of Take Off 2 Vegas will get a Vegas package worth 2 Lakhs.

To add to this, we are also introducing re-entries. So win as many tickets as you can at Level 1 and use them to re-enter in Take Off 2 Vegas tournament to up your chances of winning the Vegas Package.

There will also be multiple satty tournaments from 4th March - 9th March with buy-ins of just Rs.5 where you can win a ticket straight to the finale of the season, Take Off 2 Vegas tournament.

The winner(s) of the TakeOff 2 Vegas tournament will receive a 9stacks Vegas package worth 2 Lakhs and will join season one’s top 2, Ashish Kumar and Sajal Gupta , amongst the 19 (and counting) Vegas Grinder package winners from #LFGVegas2.00 challenge running simultaneously, in Las vegas during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the World Series of Poker!

Last season’s winner Ashish Kumar who entered at level 3 and shot his way across the levels to win his Vegas trip tells us how amazing it feels to win a trip to Vegas without really having cost a bomb! “ It’s been unbelievable! I can’t believe it, I never thought a relatively new player like me could have a chance to play poker in the city that gave birth to poker as we know it! I can’t wait to see Phil Ivey in action!”

Vegas in Rs 9 begins on 10th March 2019. We have a number of special contests running every day on our Facebook and Instagram handles where we are giving away tickets to the Level 1 tournaments.

All you need to do is like our Facebook page, our Instagram page, participate in the contests and stand a chance to literally freeroll your way to Vegas!

What are you waiting for?



Team 9stacks

Spot Light :  In Conversation with  #LFGVegas2.00 winner, Sanjay ‘Werewolf’ Taneja

We are in conversation with the Mighty Werewolf, Mr Sanjay Taneja who’s been cracking every promotion on 9stacks and is a Vegas veteran. Last year, Mr Taneja crushed level 42 as part of the #LFGVegas promotion to win the trip to Vegas and then went on to smash the Uranium Stack at Level 75 to win himself a ticket to the WSOP Main Event 2018.

This year, Werewolf crushed the Aussie100 promotion and has now won the Vegas Grinder package worth 2 Lakhs after making 50,000 LFG points for #LFGVegas2.00.

Excerpts from the exclusive interview :


Team 9stacks :  Congratulations Mr Taneja! You're the Vegas veteran. This is also the second time you'll be going to Vegas trip via #LFGVegas contest with 9stacks! How are you feeling, especially since this time WSOP will be celebrating it's 50th Anniversary?

Werewolf: Oh, I’m really excited to revisit Vegas on WSOPs’ 50Th anniversary , cant wait to see what surprises await us there. I am really kicked about participating in tthe 500$ buyin with 5 million guarantee tournament.

Team 9stacks :  How is your strategy for #LFGVegas 2.00 different from last year?

Werewolf: LFGVEGAS2.00 was a cakewalk compared to last year, and  there is a lot of action on site and players can grind on  stakes suitable to their bankroll. Last year I played on 10-20 and 25-50 tables mostly but this year point generation has  become really fast , thanks to the constant action on 100-200 and above stakes.

Team 9stacks :  For the new players joining the Vegas chase, could you give them some tips/hacks to win their trip to Vegas faster?

Werewolf: The new players may be new to the platform, but are used to playing PLO/HOLDEM, they will find it much easier to chase Vegas on 9stacks and much more rewarding since 9stacks keeps running multiple promotions simultaneously.

Team 9stacks : You've been to Vegas multiple times and would have covered a lot on your bucket list. What activities do you plan to cross off the list this time?

Werewolf : I would like to ship a big tournament this time.

Team 9stacks :You did exceedingly well at the Little One for One Drop tournament last time in WSOP 2018, which other tournaments do you want to crush this time?

Werewolf:Like I said earlier, the 500$ buyin tournament is going to be my  main focus this year. Although, I would also love to make a reattempt for the  Little One for One Drop title.

Team 9stacks : During the Vegas chase, who did you enjoy playing against the most? How was the action on the tables this time?

Werewolf: Most of the players on 9stacks have become good friends , it is great to see how hard each one is working on their game. The action is insane, kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ki table pe sirf apun hi machchhi hai.

Team 9stacks : You play on 9stacks regularly. Were you surprised by somebody's (newcomer or regular player) game this time? Is there a player on the platform  with a lot of promise according to you?

Werewolf: Like I said every player is working hard on their  game, I am really happy to see Sharmaji, Chocha and MohitZR giving the game their best.

Team 9stacks : Which famous players do you want to play against this time at WSOP 2019?

Werewolf :  Not star struck, but to learn from any good player on the table is a pleasure.

Team 9stacks : Which other games did you play in Vegas last year?

Werewolf:  Oh, last year, I was really LUCKY on slot machines. Most of the times if I busted the tournament early, I’d run to the slot machines in  distress and sure enough, the machines would reward me graciously , throwing back most of my lost buyins, in no time! ☺

Team 9stacks: What activities do you recommend (apart from poker ofcourse) , for the all the winners of the Vegas challenge to do, during their stay in Las Vegas.

Werewolf : Go to the shooting ranges, ride some Ferraris , see some of the most world renowned shows , do a lot of shopping at the north and south outlet malls if looking for good deals on big brands or just chill on the strip and Fremont street area in downtown Vegas.

Here’s wishing the Werewolf the best for all the other milestones available on the #LFGVegas2.00 board!

Team 9stacks

Sajal Gupta and Ashish Kumar bag the Vegas package in the 9stacks Vegas in Rs. 2


The first season on the Vegas in Rs 2 culminated successfully on 16th February 2019 with 2 challengers fighting against thousands of participants across the 10 days to reach the Level 5 Take Off 2 Vegas tournament, and winning a trip to Las Vegas!

We are now gearing up for season 2 which will be launched soon.

Vegas in Rs 2 follows a typical tournament league format, where participants have to cross 5 simple levels to win their paid trip. Players can enter with a bite sized entry fee of only Rs 2 and play tournaments happening round the clock, on the website. The first season went on for 10 days.

Every day, between 5th and 15th Feb 2019, thousands of Vegas hopefuls battled it out across 4 levels by playing tournaments happening 24X7 . The final leg of the promotion was played amongst the 20 winners who made it to Level 5 in the past 10 days.

Top two winners , Sajal ‘MuckYou’ Gupta and ‘ Ashish ‘AK19’ Kumar won the tournament and got a a paid trip to Las Vegas, the ultimate dream destination of poker lovers across the world.

What makes it even more special is that the winners will get to experience the madness of the poker capital of the world, first hand, during the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the World Series of Poker (WSOP)known as the World Cup of Poker. All this, at a bite sized investment of only Rs 2!

The WSOP is a 2 months long poker tournament event that attracts some of the biggest, most high profile poker players in the world and has multiple tournaments with multi million dollar prize-pools divided between thousands of participants, year after year.

Poker in India is filled with immense possibilities. With #LFGVegas and with the ongoing #LFGVegas 2.00, we are working very hard to break the myth around the WSOP Vegas dream which was possible only for pros.

Stay Tuned for Season 2


Team 9stacks

Avinit Bagri crushes 50K points and wins a trip to Las Vegas via #LFGVegas2.00


29 years old Business Head, Avinit Bagri is the latest Vegas chaser to smash the first milestone in the #LFGVegas2.00 challenge and win the Vegas Grinder package worth 2 Lakhs.

Avinit aka Bubbles_14 has been playing poker since college 10 years ago and grinds regularly, maintaining a work like and poker balance! Mean feat , this.

He chased the Vegas Grinder package for only a month by playing mostly on PLO 100/200 stakes to earn 50,000 LFG points. He is the 10th winner to do so since #LFGVegas 2.00 was launched by 9stacks on 11th January 2019.

#LFGVegas2.00 is a 4 months long challenge with a thrilling lineup of milestones and exciting cash rewards.

Avinit, along with all the other #LFG winners will get to experience the madness of the poker capital of the world, first hand, during the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) known as the World Cup of Poker.

The WSOP is a 2 months long poker  tournament event that attracts some of the biggest, most high profile poker players in the world and has multiple tournaments with multi million dollar prize-pools divided between thousands of participants, year after year.

Everyday we have thousands of players joining the Vegas chase and inching one step closer to their dream of flying to Vegas a reality.

Poker in India is filled with immense possibilities.  With #LFGVegas and with the ongoing #LFGVegas 2.00, we’re breaking the myth that the ultimate dream of playing poker in the city that gave birth to poker. Participate in our challenges and be a part of the prestigious #9stacksTeamIndia that created history last year.

Play more, win more and have fun on 9stacks


Tema 9stacks

Aaand we're taking you to Vegas, in just Rs 2!

Hey there!

We’ve just launched the craaaziest promotion for all you Vegas dreamers!


Presenting, Vegas in Rs 2, a 10 day long, multi-tournament event where you have to cross 5 simple levels to win a trip to Las Vegas, the glamourous, glitzy , poker capital of the world!

Enter through a number of tournaments happening round the clock  on the website, with bite sized entry fees of only Rs 2 / Rs 5 / Rs 10. Battle it out against thousands of Vegas dreamers like you , emerge victorious and win your trip! Find out what you need to do, here .

We will fund flights, visa fees and accommodation for winners.

Imagine getting to experience the thrill, the madness of Vegas, first hand, during the 50th Anniversary edition of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the world’s largest poker festival.

Poker in India is filled with immense possibilities.  With the ongoing #LFGVegas2.00 contest, we want to make the Vegas dream accessible to amateurs around the country.

We want to encourage undiscovered poker players across the country to join #9stacksTeamIndia and create history at the biggest  international poker tournament in the world.

Vegas in Rs 2 aims to make poke truly mainstream.

This is just the beginning..

Viva La Vegas!


Team 9stacks

5 poker movies to binge watch this weekend

Hey guys!

Happy New Year!

As a poker player of course most of my time goes in just grinding on the tables. However, there are days when i just want to stay away from the green felt and relax. That’s when i watch movies. Ofocurse, my movie collection also consists of films based around the game . :p

There are few that are my all time favorites and every time I watch them, I seem to learn something new.

Check out my list and tell me if there is a movie on poker that has blown your mind away.

the sting.jpg

1. The Sting:  

This is a must watch not only for poker players but just everyone in general. This is about two grifters (con artists) who cons $11,000 (around $189,000 today) from a victim. The victim turns out to be a footman for a crime boss (this is the Great Depression of the 1930’s after all) and what ensues is a great story about revenge and intrigue. There is a high stakes poker game here which you should not miss.

What I learnt :This movie teaches you more about life than poker. But one common lesson is that you can never win big without big risks. Knowing your opponent is winning half the battle. On the table table observe and learn are the two most important things to do.

2. Ocean's Eleven:   

oceans eleven.jpg

With a cast that has stars that put even the evening sky to shame, Ocean’s Eleven is a well-loved film about a bank heist. Danny Ocean and his eleven accomplices plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously. This is an underwhelming review of an overwhelming film, so please do yourself the favour of watching this, or rewatching this, a great masterpiece. There is a great poker game sequence too and the ending is just a treat to the eyes.

What I learnt : As every good heist is about a good distraction So is every poker hand. You can get the most money out of a pot if your opponent is never sure what you are playing with. I actually got a good amount of success by representing a straight draw while holding double pairs.

3. Rounders  


The Texas Hold’em shown here is really great and just the poker games in general, you might just pause the game to take down notes (I did a couple of times).This is hailed the greatest poker movie ever.

What I learnt: This movie teaches you the ART of bluffing . Only after watching this movie did i realise that Check can be used as a tool in bluff. Also that There is legitimate money to be made at poker – if you stay disciplined.

4.Rain man :  

Everybody should have watched this at least once in their life. For those who want a more touching and heartfelt movie, this one is for you. Their journey is a great story to watch, and the card counting done here is really good (and of course anybody can do this, not only Savants like Raymond. Card Counting is not illegal, but casinos do ban counters though so play it safe).

What I learnt: This movie shows the impact your obsession with poker can have on your close ones. Play responsibly, guys.

5. 21            


Okay so this one is not really a poker movie as much but "21" is the fact-based story about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. Featuring Jim Sturgess and Kevin spacey this movie is a great watch.

What I learnt :  This movie is about counting cards in blackjack. What I learnt from it about poker was that even geniuses can make mistakes. The lows and highs are all part of the game. What seperates a great player from a decent one is his fortitude in face of adversity.

Happy Binging

- @happyknight

 Attention Poker Lovers, #LFGVegas is BACK!

The biggest Vegas challenge is BACK and this time, we’re taking 200 qualifiers with us to the poker mecca of the world, during the 50th Anniversary of the World Series of Poker, 2019.

Oh yes! We have made this year’s grind more fun and rewarding at every step.   Peppered with easy to achieve goals along the way, reaching 50K points to win a trip to Vegas is going to be an awesome experience.

Grind on the ‘LFG’ tagged tables, hit milestone levels and  win crazy prizes. At 50K points you are eligible for the 2 lakhs Grinder package which includes travel and stay at Las Vegas.

Grind some more to reach 150K points and win the Crusher package that gives you the Vegas trip + 4.5 Lakhs BR in your poker balance.

Players who reach 300K points win the Baller hamper and get Rs 12.5 lakhs worth BR in their poker balance along with their trip.

G.O.A.Ts - The ones who hit 500K points before 31st of May 2019, win it all- the trip and a whopping amount of Rs 25 Lakhs worth of BR in poker balance. <Mr Bean Video>

This is not al! At every 25K points post the Grinder level, you get an additional cash rewards! Click here to check out our crazy rewards.

You know #LFGVegas is all about you, and so we have a lot of Boosters and Stake Multipliers available at every step to help you earn those points quicker!

For all those looking to make some extra bankroll, we suggest that you take part in the January #BRbuilders. Earn 25K points before 31st January 2019 and win Rs 1 Lakh in your poker balance. What’s more is  that if you make 50K points by 31st January, you not only redeem the Grinder package (travel and stay in Vegas) , but also an extra bankroll amount of 3 Lakhs in your poker balance!

As a testament to how easy this grind actually is, one of the 200+ challengers , @Jon$now just made 25K  points within 5 days of the launch of the contest and has pocketed Rs 1 Lakh in his poker balance!

We are only counting the number of days it will take for him to hit the 50K milestone.

We are only counting the number of days it will take for him to hit the 50K milestone.

Last year, when we launched #LFGVegas, we knew we’d be taking the largest contingent of poker players from India to the poker mecca, Las Vegas, during the World Series of Poker 2018.  42 qualifiers won a trip to Vegas and 12 of them won the $10,000 Main Event ticket. 25 out of the 42 winners flew with us as a part of #9stacksTeamIndia. the team made/Created history with Nishant Sharma  becoming the first ever Indian poker player to reach rank 34 at the Main Event.

Vivek Rughani entered the top 100  and announced the poker boom in India  on LIVE television.

Mayank Jaggi, Sanjay Taneja and Rishabh Jain stormed into the final tables of various  tournaments , announcing India’s growing dominance on the world poker map.

This year, we’re hoping to make it BIGGER, CRAZIER and clearly stamp India’s mark on the tables at the casinos in Vegas!

Participate now and make your Vegas dreams come true.

See you at the tables!


Team 9stacks

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