In Conversation with Aussie100 topper, pokerchess


Deepak Botta, who goes by the name ‘pokerchess’ has been making waves in the poker industry for quite some time now. He cracked the #LFGVegas contest in July and now has topped the Aussie100 leaderboard on 9stacks.

We interviewed him and spoke to him about his poker journey.

Team 9stacks: Hi Deepak, firstly congratulations on topping the Aussie100 Leaderboard and making 150k points. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how you got into playing poker?

Deepak:  Thank you for all the warm wishes. So people who don't know about me much.

My poker journey started when I was in college, IIM Lucknow, and that’s where I got to know about real money gaming in India. I started playing on Poker Zynga in October last year and got to know about 9stacks during vegas promotion. I started with Freeroll Tournaments, then moved on to play the bigger tournaments, but I fell in love with the 9stacks platform during the #LFGVegas promotion. After that, I have been grinding regularly on the tables and I enjoy playing the tournaments.

I particularly like the Skill Dashboard. I think it has really helped me understand the leaks in my game and has helped me evolve as a serious player.  I prefer the Pot-limit Omaha gameplay and I'm quite good at playing that variant.

Team 9stacks : Tell us about your Aussie100 journey.  Did you have a roadmap in place? What was the best part about the journey?  What was your overall strategy during the 3month long grind?

Deepak: It has been a phenomenal journey for me during the Aussie100. My overall strategy was to keep grinding , no matter what. At first, reaching 150K points looked quite tough , but then 9stacks came up with the  Boosters and other tournaments and I was on a roll! Those boosters really motivated me to keep on grinding regularly and achieve the points. 9stacks has made the grind quite achievable. Quite do-able.

Team 9stacks : How was your overall experience playing on

Deepak : I have had a lot of fun playing on 9stacks. I like how 9stacks is feedback driven and I absolutely love participating in the contests. What sets 9stacks apart from the others is the fact that this platform actually has the most do-able contests.

Team 9stacks : Did you have any ups and downs over the years? Can you reflect on some of the most important lessons you've learned through this journey?

Deepak: Yes, of course. That is part of the game.

In mind sports like poker, motivation levels have to be maintained at all times. There will be ups and downs on a daily basis, you have to be very much determined to the game and this persistence will surely help you achieve the milestones. I would like to say only that just keep analysing your games and your hands.

Team 9stacks : Do you play any other sport, apart from poker?

Deepak:  I love playing chess as well.

Team 9stacks : Do you feel poker has the potential to make it as a sport in India?

Deepak: I believe there is not much difference between chess and poker. As Viswanathan Anand says ‘‘Poker is nothing but playing chess with cards’’. Poker has immense potential as a mind sport and it’s already on its way to becoming as popular as chess in India.

Team 9stacks: What is the dream for "pokerchess" going forward? How would you like for your career to evolve?

Deepak : I’m very keenly waiting for the #LFGVegas 2019 to begin.  I enjoyed participating last time. This time I want to crack the highest milestones set.

Team 9stacks : Thanks, Deepak. It was great talking to you! We wish you all the best for the upcoming tournaments and contests on 9stacks.

Poker : Luck Or Strategy

A lot of people don’t understand the beauty of playing a game of poker with skill. Their sole argument is that poker is a game of chance and anyone can win with some good luck. "The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play." There is no denying that luck plays a part but the question should be which of the elements dominates? Luck or skill?

Well, Let's see how to debunk this conundrum.

In other games of luck like roulette, dice and lotteries There is little to none human element involved.  With Poker it's the exact opposite. The really good players in poker "Don’t play the cards, they play the players".  In poker you can win even if you get the worst possible cards. This strategy is called Bluffing and involves "Bullying" . Basically you represent your hand by consistent high bets so that others Fold and you never actually have to show the cards.

The body language reading part is very reduced in online poker. But if you are a terrible liar like me, you can use it to your advantage. Online poker is all about betting according to your position with respect to the dealer and other players. For example: If you  Limp at early positions i.e. just call the big blind then you may suffer. This is because most experienced players will raise you and you will have to end up folding.

In a scientific study published in the PLOS One journal  by renowned statistician Rogier J. D. Potter van Loon  analysed 450 million hands played online over a year. The first question was how consistent is player performance? They found the role of skill inextricably woven into the game. Players who finished in the best-performing 1% in the first six months of the year were 12 times more likely than others to repeat the feat in the next 6 months too.

They also noted that three-quarters of all hands never go to showdown. Only about twelve percent of hands are actually won by the best hand. So the strategy of big stack bully and bluffing are legitimate strategies and can actually provide decent results even over large sample sizes.

A really interesting concept they found in the study was "the tipping point." Skilled players can expect to do better than their relatively unskilled counterparts at least three quarters of the time after 1,471 hands have been played. To put this into perspective, most online players are likely to play 1,500 hands in less than 24 hours of total gameplay.

So the genuine dedicated players can now rest assured knowing that the game they love demands and rewards genuine proficiency and that in the end talent and guile will usually triumph over blind luck.

Globally  Poker is recognised to be a game requiring a high level of intellect and mental prowess. Statisticians, economists and chess grandmasters globally have accepted that the game of poker involves substantial degree of skill.  So the next time someone tries to say that poker is just dumb luck gambling, you can show them the facts and continue to play the next hand on 9stacks peacefully.

You can access the study I quoted, here.

Keep Playing, Keep winning.

Signing off,


(Yash C)

Poker Ke Side Effects : Juggling Life and Poker

Juggling Life and Poker

Hi guys!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by werewolf, maidumji, happyknight and betazoid over the past one year and was inspired to write one about my own poker journey. Believe me, it’s been a long and arduous one. Quite unlike my username, @easymoney.

I’ve been playing poker since 2010 ie 8 years  now. I developed a tremendous liking for cash games quite early on, but as all cash game lovers can vouch for, the grind is steep and full of surprises. Especially when it comes to balancing our poker selves along with our regular social selves.

I admire the game strategies employed by Tom Durrr Dwan and try to imbibe his aggro style into my game. I’m not going to lie to you, my rise in poker came with tremendous financial setbacks, especially in the beginning. Like all newbies, I lost money initially because I wasn’t ‘reading the table’ right, I was only focused on my game and did not really observe the other players and what they were doing. I got bad beats and unbelievable coolers and like every other newbie I got affected by them. There were times where my bankroll would get exhausted thrice a year and there were times when I would have to borrow from family, which i agree, isnt ideal.

I would avail bonuses and rakebacks offered by most sites, but at the end of the day, I’d  lose everything on the cash table. To gain back some money, I would participate in cash grinds and somehow would never be able to ‘make the cut’ on the leaderboard.  I would be playing day in and day out. My sleep schedule suffered, my personal life also got a little haywire. My wife and I would go out for dinner or for shopping and I would be playing on my phone all the time. Balancing life and poker together was getting very tough.

But it wasn’t all bad though. The more I played, the more I learnt and the better I got.  As I played on various sites and got exposed to different strategies used by more serious players. I observed the game more carefully, read up on the internet, watched videos on YouTube and slowly I began to win. I still had a long way to go before I got really good at the game.

Very soon, 9stacks launched their Skills Dashboard, which promised to pinpoint the problems in my game minutely. I would be able to understand what hands I win on, which type of stakes  I am better playing on.

I had played on 9stacks earlier and did have quite a good time on not only their cash tables would also participate in their tournaments and win!  Some of the best players in the industry played here and won. There were other players doing so well on the platform, I wanted in on all that.

So when the Skills Dashboard happened, I was thrilled.

Through the Skills Dashboard analytics, I realised where the leaks  in my current game really were. This analytical, data driven approach to my game helped me realise which hands and in which position did my raises help me win. I could see how I have performed across the number of hands I have played. I realised that I was a better cash game player and my tournament strategy was also beginning to improve.

Once I got on this wagon, I decided to up the ante in terms of developing myself as a serious poker player. I allotted strict hour limits for my poker playing time. I ate better, I tried to focus on my health. Started yoga and meditation inspired by some players . I have seen the change in my game now. I come  in the money regularly. I am able to get into the top ranks of the cash grind contests on 9stacks. This boosts my confidence and every poker player will agree that winning a poker game definitely is the best high. Ofcourse, personally, my life is much less chaotic and much more relaxed.

During the #LFGVegas challenge on 9stacks, I won an iPhone8, I won the trip to Vegas worth 2.5 Lakhs, a hefty rake back , because these guys do have the best offers, rake back deals and and achievable contests.

In the current Aussie100 contest, I’ve currently locked in about 75K and Im hoping I can make 50k points before 15th December to win my trip to Melbourne and play during the Aussie Millions in January next month.

I’m glad to share that I have done better as a poker player here on 9stacks and have been trying to develop as a serious one. I like how the platform has made it easy for me. I have my bad days but  I don’t feel the tilt as badly now. I am glad to say that I’ve begun playing more responsibly now.

My advice for everyone who’s wanting to do well at poker:

  • Play WITHIN your limits

  • Have a life BEYOND poker

  • NEVER take  loan from friends to play poker

  • MAXIMIZE on Rakebacks and Promos

  • On a bad day CHANGE your Login and password :p (That’s the only thing you can change in the tilted state, right? )

Signing off for now,


How to read hands in poker

 Most new poker players begin their journey into the game by playing on the small stakes.

While that is a good way to begin the game, it is not something you should continue for a long time if you want to make serious inroads into playing good , skill based poker. This is because at smaller stakes, one tends to not be careful of their betting sizes as the initial investment is low.

Hand reading in online poker is one of the most important skills required in poker.

This is hard work. It requires all your attention , your patience and you will need to make quick decisions to master this skill.

In this article, we will attempt at jumping into the complex world of poker hand reading techniques and  figure out how to read an opponent’s hand taking into account all their tells.

 Before we start, we need to address the two common misconceptions:

 Myth 1 : All players on the table are ‘random’ and can have ‘anything’

It is true that there is some randomness to every player’s game strategy , however, it doesn’t stay that way too long.

Your opponents are can be truly arranged with their play, they could have “anything.” There are some hands that they will fold, and there are some hands they will never fold. Your goal is to assess their method or at least deduce enough about it to figure out how to capitalize on it. Remember this: There is always some method to their madness.

 Myth 2. : Hand Reading is the answer to all the problems in poker

 The second misconception is to do with the term “hand reading,” which is really a misnomer. As beginners, we are obsessed with only looking at OUR game and we tend to not look at the table and miss out key details about other players and their game strategies.

All good poker players know that to do well in poker your aim should always be to determine the hand ranges and not just read the hand of the opponent.

 This means that you should not know only care  about what exact possibilities your opponent has, but you must also worry about the possibilities and combinations that he could have and what move should be made by you to  get the best average result against all of the possibilities.

Hand Reading in Poker

 Consider the scenario where your opponents play half of the cards they’re dealt. How can you figure out what cards  they have precisely? But there’s a probability of guessing a couple of important things about what they don’t have. Your opponents who will call with half their hands still fold the other half and that folding range might look like unconnected junk hands.

 Your main objective while trying to read someone else’s poker hand , should not be to just  figure out whether they have something even better and find a fold, but should also be able to compare it with your hand to see if it is weaker than yours. You need to be especially aware of the ‘tells’  when your opponents put money into the pot despite having a hand worse than yours.

Every once in a while, you’ll find that you’ve gotten outwitted, or that you were ahead and then got outdrawn on your turn. As long as you have accurately determined that you would usually be ahead when the money went in, then you did all the hand reading you need to do.

This is only the introduction to hand reading in poker. We’ll be back with a more detailed version very soon.

Stay tuned!

Team 9stacks

Top 10 casinos around the world that every poker player dreams of visiting

Many globetrotters expect the most extraordinary variety and peculiar kind of facilities by their chosen hotel or resort as offerings. They are just as important as their vacation destination. This is predominantly true of international gambling fans who pursue the most breathtaking and deluxe accommodation in the most alluring, attractive and picturesque spots, merged with the world-class land casino. When it comes to land casinos with slots in abundance, the list is exhaustive, but here are the topmost ten biggest land casinos to consider:

1. The Venetian – Macau, China

 Its sister casino is the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, which is based in the Chinese city of Macau and is currently the world’s biggest casino resort. Since its grand opening in August 2008, this casino has attracted many millions of gamblers and tourists alike from all over the world, and the reason is because its spectacular.

Situated on 980,000 of Macau’s exclusive and picturesque Cotai Strip, the 3,000 room Venetian Macau has 51,000 of gaming space which houses more than 800 table games and 3,400 slot machines. This means if a player had to spend one minute playing every slot in the casino, it would take over 56 hours to play them all. Even the world’s premier online casinos don’t have that many slots.

2. City of Dreams Casino – Macau, China

China homes the world’s second-biggest land casino resort, the City of Dreams Casino, which is also in the gambling-friendly city of Macau. This is owned and operated by the Melco Crown Entertainment.

Constructed on an area measuring over 113,000 sq. mt, the City of Dreams Casino has a gaming floor area of almost 40,000, with over 450 table games and 1,500 slots. With over 1,400 most luxurious rooms and suites, this casino resort invites wealthy visitors from China and abroad.

3. Foxwoods Resort Casino – Ledyard, USA

Foxwoods Resort Casino, the third largest casino resort in the world and largest in the United States, is located farther up the East Coast in the small town of Ledyard, Connecticut. Opened in July 1986 and since its launch over 30 years ago, Foxwoods Resort Casino remains America’s biggest resort casino at over 840,000, 32,000 of which is gaming floor. With over 800 table games and 3,400 slot games, it offers competition to The Venetian Macau’s gaming floor. Renowned for its serene forest setting, this casino attracts sophisticated gamblers and tourists alike.

4. Ponte 16 Casino Resort – Macau, China

The Gambling city of China, that is Macau, is also home to Ponte 16, a popular casino resort situated next to the city’s renowned Inner Harbor. Since its opening in February 2008, Ponte 16 has acquired the world attention for its picturesque location, state-of-the-art table games and slots, and for housing Asia’s first ever Michael Jackson Gallery.

The casino owes its amazing and appealing appearance to a combination of Portuguese / Chinese immense architectural styles. Built on over 120,770 sq. mt of real estate with a view described as “one river, two banks,” the casino’s gaming floor measures 25,000 sq. mt and contains 109 table games and 300 slot machines.


5. MGM Grand – Macau, China

The MGM Grand is yet another paradigm of a colossal Chinese casino resort galvanized by its prominent Las Vegas counterpart. Inaugurated in December 2007, the MGM Grand Macau was the consequence of a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Pansy Ho.

Constructed on 288,000 of land, the property’s golden-hued exterior boasts three wave-shaped tiers designed to reflect the ocean swells of the South China Sea. With a gaming floor measuring just over 20,000, gamblers and holidaymakers alike can enjoy over 400 table games and 1200 slot machines to suit the expense of any slot fan.


6. Rio Casino Resort – Klerksdorp, South Africa

The casino residing father south to South Africa and Rio Casino Resort, is a vast gambling and entertainment complex. Situated 160km from Johannesburg, Rio Casino opened in May 2002 under the name Tusk Rio Casino Resort and is owned by local hotel, resort and casino giant, Peermont Global.Rio Casino is a huge casino of South Africa’s 38-licensed land casinos and also the largest casino in Africa and one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Despite the size of its gaming floor (24,743, Rio has relatively few games; just 11 table games and 274 slot machines.

7. Crown Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia

The Crown Melbourne is extensively considered as one of the Australia's ‘gaming jewels.’ It was inaugurated in June 1994 in the Northbank of Melbourne but was then relocated to the Southbank in 1997, where it still operates even today. Owned by Crown Resorts, it covers 510,000 sq.mtof real estate.

With a marvelous view of the Yarra River, gaming fans can look forward to games from over 540 table games and 2,628 slot machines. Crown Melbourne has a total gaming area of 20,438

8. Trilenium Casino – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The largest bricks and mortar casino in Argentina, and in South America and lying to the west of South Africa is Trilenium Casino. Since it inaugurated some years ago close to Buenos Aires, it has been a very popular gaming, dining and entertainment destination for locals and tourists too. It houses many of the city’s and the Tigre Province’s finest restaurants.The Trilenium Casino doesn’t offer accommodation. It has about 74 table games and over 1,800 slot machines scattered across its 16,700 gaming floor.


9. MGM Grand – Las Vegas, United States

The United States accommodates the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the largest single building hotel in the country with over 5,100 rooms. It was inaugurated in December 1993. Owned and run by MGM Resorts International, the MGM Grand is situated on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Out of the MGM Grand’s approximate 453,248 property, 15,930 is used for its gaming floor which houses roughly 140 poker and table games and 2,500 slot machines and other gaming machines. Its famous for its lion logo, before a renovation in 2012, the casino resort drew vast crowds with its exclusive glass-sided lion habitat constructed within the casino floor area.

10. Casino Estoril – Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s Casino Estoril,is the only entrant from Portugal and Europe, and the most oldest, dating back to 1916.The casino served as the inspiration for the James Bond novel Casino Royale. Today it attracts many local and foreign gamblers and voyagers from all over the globe.

With a vast selection of table and poker games, and 1,100 slot machines, there are more than enough games to accommodate even the most seasoned gambling fans.

My First foray into online poker made easy by 9stacks


I am not a poker expert. I am just a guy who stumbled upon the game during my college fests. It was fascinating , the LIVE format and even though i was initially lost a lot of money, I feel it was well spent. I look at that as phase an investment.

With time, I got pretty good at the game, or so I liked to believe. By the third year, college fests became too sporadic to satisfy my growing hunger for poker. I veered toward online poker. It was perfect! I could play all day! But I wasn’t able to play for long on most sites.

That's actually when 9stacks came into my life. I saw a couple of ads and I looked at their site. I couldn’t believe their offers and tournaments were so simple!

The joining process was pretty easy. After some simple verifications I was on a virtual table playing with real stakes.

It was love at first sight -the hands move smoothly, the interface is quite intuitive . The time that you get for each action is sufficient for a thoughtful decision and not too much that it bogs down the table. There are different alerts to grab your attention when it's your turn. And if that's not enough, you can play on multiple tables at the same time!

Ofcourse, this was no simple college fest game between friends , this was hardcore. Everyone was in it to win it and I was no exception.

I was worried people will learn my playing strategy and was afraid they would categorize me  as a frequent bluffer or a slow stacker. But 9stacks  had a solution for that. They have anonymous tables for so that no one else can learn and benefit from your style.

It took me a little time to really get used to playing here. It was tough. There is so much action on the site! Wo kehte h na "Pehla pyar ho ya pehla exam, Kabhi accha nhi jata".

In the first few games, my stacks dwindled pretty fast.I realized that skills required for online poker are pretty different from its offline counterpart. Online or virtual poker is all about reading the bets and creating strategies that work every time . I had to change my tactics.

That’s when I found about the skills dashboard they launched sometime ago.

Let's take a sample situation in a game of Hold'em. You get Queens. The guy before you goes all in preflop. Now in an offline game on poker, You might read it as a bluff by reading the guy and Might be tempted to call. When I started on 9stacks, this was one of the mistakes I made . Looking at my stats on Preflop ALL in calls when I had a pocket, (Yes, you can put that many filters in the skills tab, I checked) my win rate on such calls was an abysmal 32%. What ends up happening is online the experience is a bit different, as the stakes are higher, people's tendencies to bluff preflop are pretty small.

There are a host of such habits that I had carried over from offline tables to online version that I needed to change. The skills tab showed me all the data on my mistakes and strengths. I started to get some of my confidence  back as I started winning.  

As the college fests started approaching, I wanted to see how I compared in a time constrained scenario of tournaments. The hourly free-roll tournaments were a great help here. The more I played, the more I learnt.

This game is insanely fun. It feels so good to win and triple your stacks in one go. I think I am in it for the long haul!

Signing off for now,



Werewolf Speaks: Funny Poker Terms You Should Know


As promised here I am with some funny poker vocabulary for you, as poker players you must have heard these expressions on the table, I am sure you would know the meaning of some of them but for those who may be relatively new to poker and be left wondering at exactly how to react to a certain comment here is a little help.

Reminds me of an incident, I was playing live in a casino in my beginner's era and flatted AA when I was the first to act, (its called UTG, now I know) three more people came into the pot which I eventually won.

When I showed my hand one of the players said "wow you LIMPED ROCKETS" and I went Hehehehhehe (not even certain if a sheepish laughter was the correct reaction to that comment.)

Now I am not even sure if the opponent instantly marked me as "FISH" in his mind but I caught the terminology bug and decided to learn all poker terms by heart, basically to sound cool and not look like a fool.

So now I know UNDER THE GUN is the first guy to call after the blinds, LIMPED is flat calling the big blind and ROCKETS are aces. FISH, of course, is a new player not so sure of what's really happening around him on the poker table :)

Let's get to know some more of these terms.

1. Double Belly Buster- A hand in which a player has two inside straight draws at once. For example, if the flop comes K 7 10 and a player holds J 9, either Q or 8 will make a straight. Also called a “double gutshot”
2..Darth Vader- A nickname for the 4-Clubs 4-Spades because they are the "darks fours," which sounds similar to the "dark force."
3. Baskin Robbins- Nickname for 3 A. Symbolizing the chain's "31 Flavors" of ice cream.
4. Dead Man's Hand-Two pair - Aces and Eights. It is supposedly the hand "Wild Bill" Hickok was holding when he was murdered in Deadwood, South Dakota
5. Anna Kournikova- A slang term for the starting hand of AK  in hold'em, named for the former professional tennis player and model. basically, a hand that LOOKS BETTER THAN IT PLAYS
6. Dolly Parton- A straight 5-9 (Nine to five). Named after her starring role in the film 9 to 5
7. Hollywood -  "overacting" or taking too much time to act when a decision doesn’t necessarily require it.
8.Lollipop Hand- A nickname for AQ because it looks sweet but often gets licked.
9.Steel Wheel- A five high straight Flush.
10.Zombie-  A player who shows no emotion

So those were some of the fun terms to learn and show off at a poker table.

Word of caution here- You do stand the risk of sounding like an over smart Machhi (same as FISH) if you use them too frequently.

In the comments below, you can ask me the meaning of the poker terms you wanna learn. Also will appreciate your feedback on the topics you want me to cover in future.



Werewolf Speaks: WPT DIARIES

werewolf-01 (1).jpg

The idea of playing live tournaments always excites me no end for multiple reasons.

For one, it gets me away from the computer screen that I perpetually stare at for more than 10 hours a day.

Secondly, because I feel it takes me closer to a purer form of poker , sitting across opponents , judging their moves, hiding your emotions  and holding real cards. The atmosphere is electric, with a lot of energy flowing through the poker room. You sit across people , looking at them , judging them , making mental notes. Who is afraid ? Who is flamboyant? Who is the thinker? Who will be easy to manipulate? Who to be afraid of? Evaluating people on their strengths and weaknesses, putting them on ranges and waiting for the right time to make the move.

Ahhh! Live is a different ball game.
So we started our second year of participation in the World Poker Tour, Goa.

Last year was a pretty successful year as we made two Final Tables , In Highroller Event and the Turbo Event.  In any case I feel I personally perform better on Live felts, so we went with a lot of positivity.
The first two events however did not go very well for us, Mostly card dead and getting suckedout out we could not make any money in the Kickoff event that took place on 13th November and the Deepstack event on 14th November.

Uncanny how it may be, we busted both the tournaments to Villain Holding A10 off, In the Kickoff we had AQ and Villain flopped two pairs , In Deep stack the villain went on to make nut flush with four diamond cards opening on the board.

But we did not let it dampen our spirits and in the bounty tournament managed to reach the Final table and ended the day the runner-up, nearly missing the trophy but making an Even Chop (splitting up the top two position prize money equally)  with the winner for the prize moneys. We went on to cash the Main event and making no money in the Highroller or Turbo event this year.

All in all a not so satisfying tour for me personally but can't complain either.

Now a little about the basic dos and don’ts at LIVE tourneys, for those of you yet to make your first live trip to a series/tournament.

1. Do not take unnecessarily long to make a decision.

I’m not saying don't give it a thought or be hasty but just don't tank on every hand. Usually, players are folding their hands and waiting for the next hand to be dealt so they can participate, there’s one player taking time on every hand for every decision (bet/raise/fold) is not so nice for them.
2. Always place your bet in front of you.

Never throw it in the pot directly, let the dealer collect it when the action on that street completes. Just to make sure every player has bet or called the right amount and avoid controversy.
3. Always act when it's your turn not before it.

You mucking your card before your turn gives an unfair advantage to the player on your left.
4. Make your bet or raise by compiling the pile of chips in front of you then move them over the betting line.

Throwing chips in one after the other is called STRING BETTING and is not allowed. Its best to announce your action and then put in the chips, for eg. Say "I BET X AMOUNT" or " I CALL" or "I RAISE TO X AMOUNT".
5. Remember to put in the antes in time.

Most of the online players forget to post the antes when they kick in and have to be reminded every hand. Better to learn it beforehand and not delay the action on the table. Online the antes/blinds are automatically posted but live players have to learn to post them in a timely manner.
6. Don't Lift your cards from the table.

One reason is it tells the table who all are in the hand, Secondly you reduce the chance of other players accidentally seeing your cards.
7. Don't abuse the players or the dealer.

Many people end up cussing when they lose or get a bad beat. Please understand its the nature of this game and abusing can get you barred from the games. Keep the conversation healthy. Give everyone the respect you expect from them.
8. Never discuss your cards when the hand is still in play.

Whether you are in that hand or have folded, revealing your cards is a strict NO NO.

So go ahead and have fun playing LIVE poker. If you have any queries about tournaments in Goa, feel free to comment below and I will try to address it as soon as I can. Ill be coming up with something for all the noobs in my next blog. Stay tuned!


Werewolf Speaks- Why We Play Poker


Hello there!

Here I am, with my debut poker blog on 9stacks!

A small disclaimer first - I don't consider myself an expert or a Guru of poker, I am learning it along with a lot of you.

In this blog, I am sharing what I have learnt rather what I feel about poker at this point in time.

What a wonderful time it is for poker in India with so many poker sites springing up offering so much value to not only the pros, but also to the recreational regs! Whether you enjoy the Multi Table tournaments (MTTS) or the cash grind there is enough action and multiple options for you. Not just that, there are enough poker rooms both B&M and online with various tables to offer you the stakes that you prefer. Micro to nosebleed whatever works for you.

Add to that, the variants that online sites offer you and you have a complete fun package available at the comfort of your home. Texas Holdem, Omaha, Open Face Chinese are some various forms that you can easily find online.

A few years back (in 2013 if you must know )I chanced upon this fabulous game on Zynga poker online and immediately fell in love.

It was competitive, it appealed to my mathematical abilities, gave me a high I didnt think i’d have, it was amazing!

I got so fiercely hooked onto it that during festive times around Diwali that I became a pain for my friends, thanks to me insisting on playing poker whereas everyone around was happy and comfortable with the regular teen patti game. :p

Well, the times have changed and Poker is replacing the normal Teen Patti games in most friendly house games, and not just during Diwali but the whole year around!

You can imagine how happy that makes me-I am not a social outcast anymore.

That got me thinking as to why do people play poker.

Now, if you ask a POKER PRO, they will tell you it’s to make the most money out of every hand you play, but that's not true for mere mortals like us. Yes we do want to win, but poker appeals to a lot more in people than the need to make a fortune.

People play poker because it is a game of skill, It gives their ego a boost, it is fun to play, they think they can beat it, it makes them feel cool, it gives them a high- the reasons can be numerous. Give me your reasons in comments below.

Once we have established the reasons that appeal to the poker player in us comes the hard task of learning the game and I say hard because most of us have a job, some hobbies, maybe families to look after and other social obligations.

Now one thing is certain, not all of us are thinking of beating the Giants in World Series of Poker (WSOP) so we don't need to take the pressure of mastering the game, it can remain fun for us. But those who do have bigger poker dreams have an uphill task. You see like most other sports poker also needs learning, practice and a disciplined approach. If you want to pursue poker seriously then you will also need to draw out short term and long term plans towards the success of the same.

In the next editions we will talk about various topics like the fun poker terms, the learning curve for beginners, poker etiquette, what all the poker sites in India are offering to the players in terms of gaming experience and promotions etc. and how to make the most of it. If there is any topic that you would like to read about feel free to comment below and I will try to incorporate it too.

Cheers and keep grinding.


When Teen Patti Met Poker


Remember when Harry met Sally.. Sejal? Nah? We neither. But we’re surely remembering this epic meeting.

“Oh, oh! Sorry!” Teen Patti apologized, having bumped into someone. He was lost in thought, gloomy, and distracted. He had no awareness of his surroundings, and just walked like a drunken vagabond (sober, nonetheless)!

Kya bhai? You’ll say sorry and it’s over?” came the reply. The reply was arrogant, and careless. But this carelessness was different. It displayed vibrance and confidence. “Hi! Abey tu? Where do I know you from?” the chirpy voice continued, happier than before.

“Huh? What?” Teen Patti looked up, trying to make sense of his whereabouts. He squinted his eyes a little to see which old friend he had bumped into. “Oh, Hi! Sorry, I did not see you there. How have you been?”

Badhiya, Bro! How about you? And what’s with this constipated look?” the friend raised concern, humorously.

“Good for you man! Just… surviving! Life’s tough these days.” replied Teen Patti, in a more encouraging voice than before.

Kya baat kar raha hai, Bro? It’s Diwali time. OUR Time!”

“Have you seen my social presence? My Insta, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube followers are decreasing by the day. What’s happening with people? Their loyalties are shifting!” Teen Patti stated in a jealous manner.

Tujhe bola tha. Grow up with the growing times man. You’ll go to every guy, and ask them to invent their own variations? Consistency chahiye Bro!

“All these uncles were happy with me. Back in the day. Any way, I have seen your social presence. Itni coolness! On a roll you are these days!” Stated Teen Patti.

“Of course I am rolling bro. Blunts and all. Varying rules se nahin chalta, Bro! Half the people don’t get variations. And tera toh probability ka bhi koi scene nahin hai. You were always weak in Maths, right?”

“It’s not about that man. People are just wary of being associated with me. They want quicker rewards. Less Chhi-Chha Lather!” Continued Teen Patti, “and they have started to get weary about my multiple personality disorders.”

Abey, what’s this scene with a Suit being less probable than a Straight? What do you call it? Color and Sequence. Names to theek rakho yaar…” stated Texas Hold-Em.

“What to do man. Wohi famous ho gaya. And then there’s this apprehension that I won’t leave people till they go broke. With you it’s so much better. They meet you, greet you, associate with you. And get richer and more skillful. Tu to waise hi trending hai, bhai,” cribbed Teen Patti further.

“Stop complaining bro! It’s just not your time. Remember those days when I was literally unknown? Good that we have come far from those days.”

“Tell me about it man. But I still never reached your fame. Like, you’re hanging out with celebrities and all, bro! Milwa na Bhai!

Ye le, drag le!”

“Naa Bhai. I am on cheap shit these days. Affordability issues. Went all in, and tabh bhi Split Pot nahin hua… Lost a lot more than I had.”

Wahi to scene hai… Ab bata, how do you expect me to take you to them?”

“Bro! Come on, Bro!”

“Not happening bro. You need to sort your shit out. Take some advice. Make all your variations of just one kind. Two cards with each player. Five on the table. And change your hand rankings...”
“But then I’ll become more like you.”
“Now you’re talking sense!”
“F-you man. F You!”
And… since then… People prefer Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. He’s being popularly called Paanch Patti now.

To be continued….

Words by Ankit Malhotra